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  1. Hi RayRo!

    I just finished my final term at AM. Very excited. I’m spending the next week and a bit polishing my shots for the Pixar internship deadline. I really valued each critique you gave me, with great direction and advice for my shots. I would be very grateful if you are you able to email me some pointers on my dialogue shots?

    You can view my reel on my website or here:

    I understand if you are very busy and unable to help, also, sorry if this is an inappropriate thing to ask for. I was unsure.

    Cool website! Epic 2 is looking really… Epic (yeah, I bet everyone says that, haha. But it’s true!)

    Hope you are well and thanks again,


    1. Hey Matt!! I’m glad you liked Epics trailer!! It’s Epic and not Epic 2 😀
      I’ll email you my thoughts! Thanks for checking in!

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