I have a side blog!

As some might know, I grew up doing a lot of home renovation with my father. Once I finally bought a home, I was able to put that knowledge to good use. I’ve done everything from electrical, plumbing to wood working and taping. Here is the new blog. The home renovations finished about a year and a half ago but I did document the process. I’ll post more photos soon.

Click here for the blog


Long time no see!

I remember what it was like to go check another animators website and not see any new content. (not to say that the one person who checks this is upset…sorry mom!) Life gets in the way and it becomes hard to manage a blog. We’ve been moving into a busy time on finishing up Peanuts and AM has wrapped up another term. I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years teaching! Nothing really new or crazy has happened since my last post. I did a short talk about AM with the co founder of AM (Bobby Beck) which could be seen below.


That’s all for now but as soon as I have something worth talking about, I’ll be back!





What have I been doing all of this time!? Well, I’ve been on Peanuts for a few months now and It’s been a ton of fun! Rio 2 had wrapped a while back (I was only on the show for a few months but it was fun to revisit the characters) Animation Mentor has been going great and I can’t believe I’ve been teaching for over 3 years now! Not much more to report.

Epic trailer 2!

We’ve wrapped up on Epic and it’s time for marketing! Here is another trailer for the film that comes out in May.


The project was a huge learning experience for me and I really enjoyed working on it. Blue Sky is known for doing cartoony animation but Epic is very far from it. Yes, we have talking snails but the kids need a comic relief. The movie would have a more serious tone without them and we have to remember who we are making these movies for. It was a lot of fun working on MK with 3 other seniors and I can’t wait to see how it does in theaters. I’m onto Rio2 leading up Blu with another fellow animator and changing animations gears is always interesting and fun!

If you live in or around NYC, here is a cool bit of information about Epic. (Post stole from a co-worker)

Head to the city btw March 24th-April 7th and experience the hidden world of EPIC in the window on 34th Street at Macy’s Herald Square during Macy’s Annual Flower Show! EPIC imagery will be integrated into the live garden show. Kids will be entertained with a game where they can find all the EPIC characters hidden among the living flowers and take their answers to the kids department to be rewarded with an exclusive EPIC T-shirt. In addition, Macy’s will launch a program next week with their own “Epic threads” kids clothing line in 670 stores and on macys.com

The garden show is open from 10am-9pm every day except for Easter Sunday (March 31), 12pm-5pm.